DREAM: Living Machinery

Very strange dream last night.

I’m in some sort of house with some old friends from high school. I don’t really talk to any of these people anymore, they’re just these kind of random minor characters that your brain uses when it doesn’t want you associating anything important to the people in your dreams.

I look out the window and see this kind of machine walking up a ramp coming from underground. it has big headlight-style eyes and looks, effectively, like an old science fiction movie robot. Upon topping the ramp, the thing is attacked by what I have to assume is human interference. It’s damaged, but it tries to get up and continue walking. Two more “robots” are heading up the ramp in the same pace. Once again, the first robot is attacked and the next two are damaged the same way. Now all three are pretty well destroyed, but they continue trying to peice themselves together and a man in a chemical suit scoops up the parts onto a large metal shelf and places them in an incinerator.

I remember how sad I was watching this happen. I didn’t know what these things were, or if they had thought or will or any of those qualities we align with consciousness, but I remember feeling awful about watching them be destroyed.

The man in the chemical suit takes the now-blackened parts out of the incinerator and looks at them. Some quality about them scares him, and I can tell that there’s something that hasn’t been destroyed–I’m thinking that the data in the parts is still “alive.” He puts the metal shelf back into the incinerator and turns the machine on again, only this time the machine doesn’t heat up. There’s a huge dynamo on an extension of the machine that starts spinning, and immediately I realize that he’s putting the charred parts through a type of miniature particle accelerator to try and destroy whatever intelligence remains in the wreckage. I finally decide I can’t take anymore and I leave the house and walk out to the dynamo, placing my hands on it. It starts to smoke and buzz, as if I’ve shorted it out just by making tactile contact with it. The electrical distrurbance begins to spread to the rest of the machine. I’ve ruined this implement of destruction–this incinerator/accelerator.

That’s about where the dream ends. Very very strange.