I’ve decided that, as a long-term but in the not-too-distant future goal, I want to walk around the country. Yes, walk around.

The plan is to start at Calais, Maine and head through the Green Mountains, down Lake Champlain and south into the Catskills of New York, across the Appalachian range in Pennsylvania, across the eastern and central plains, south to Missouri and west through Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle, through New Mexico, north across the basins on the western side of the Rockies and past the Great Salt Lake, into the Pacific northwest.

That should take me around a year. At that point, I’ll have to hang out in the northwest until it gets warm enough to cross the high plains safely.

Then I’ll cross through Montana and the Dakota ranges and into Minnesota. From there, I’ll see the source of the great Mississippi river and cross over into Wisconsin. I’ll explore the UP of Michigan and cross into the LP, heading through Indiana and Kentucky and diving down and down into the south. From Tennessee I’ll follow the Mississippi into the state of the same name, crossing over into Louisiana as the river starts to mouth. I’ll see the great delta and follow the coast through northern Florida, heading into Savannah, Georgia and back up the Atlantic line from there. I’ll pass through the Chesapeake and back into the Great Megalopolis in the northeast. I’ll complete my walk in Boston, possibly as late as three years after the start of my journey.

How am I going to do this?

I have no idea, but I’m going to find out.