Time to Bitch.

Enough with the party lines. Can’t we all just be against stupidity?

I have a few questions for the donkeys, and a few for the elephants.
Yeah, I’ve got a few questions for the supporters of the consumer safety corpse, too.

First, the donkeys.

1. Has anyone in the Democratic party realized that you’re all way too divergent to win anything? I really had a distaste for Michael Moore until he called the Democratic Party “whiners.” That’s what you are. You’re all whiners. Has it occured to you to unite against the war-mongers?

I’ve got an answer to that one. No, it hasn’t occurred to you. You’re too busy nit-picking over your tiny individual little issues in your tiny individual minds to understand that a milquetoast candidate is better than an ignorantly destructive one. Bush is still in the oval office, and to be sure, it’s not so much the man that’s the problem (He’s not smart enough to be considered evil,) it’s the tiny sector of his party holding the strings.

2. Our schools are starting to accept creationism. Are you people cool with this? Has anyone tried to start teaching the Greek pantheon to show these idiots the precedent they’ve just set for what constitutes as “science”?

3. A politically inactive Democrat is as good as a pile of shit. Sorry. I guess that wasn’t a question.

Now the Elephants. I remember a party that stood for something. A party in which I’m registered. A party that I once considered the more pragmatic of the two.

1. I remember Republicans being AGAINST a powerful federal government. Where the fuck have all of you gun-toting, states-rights, Uncle-Sam-stay-the-fuck-out-of-my-life Washington-haters run off to?

Are you too busy bowing to your prodical son? News Flash, dumbasses. G.W. Bush is not the salt of the earth. The fucker lived a very cushy life and got sent to Yale with a strong C average.
After dragging his ass through every political position he’s ever been in, he made it to the top. A fucking slacker made it to the top of the political food chain.

2. Is this part of that “hard work gets you places” attitude I remember you Republicans talking about?

This is from a 22-year-old who knows what it means to bust his ass.

Where are your kids? Driving around the BMW’s they bought when they traded in another one of the trust funds you had for them?

Guess what, assholes, your kids are given everything, and they’re growing up to be the unscrupulous CEO’s that are destroying the economy of this fucking country. They’re handed everything, so they see the value of nothing. They dragged their asses through an easy childhood, they dragged their asses through their careers, and they cashed in. These are your hard-working children.

The way I see it, these are the today’s Republican values: Nepotism and Passing the Buck.

To the poor: Stop using party lines as team colors. The greedy fuck you over, no matter what letter they have next to their name. Wake the fuck up and do something.

To the Nader supporters: do us all a favor and go find the unsafe products on the market. That what your hero was best at, and I’m sure you’re all best put to use the same way–the difference is that you should be testing unsafe products firsthand.

To the Nader supporters again: If you’re going to vote for someone who isn’t going to win, fucking vote for someone good.

To the Pat Buchanan supporters: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE, AND WHY DID YOU FUCKERS VOTE FOR BUSH? Your hero hates the man. I’m not a fan of bigotry or isolationism, but I am a fan of intelligent speechwriters who see right through G.W.’s dumbass grin and spell it out for the rest of us on National Television. In that light, Go Pat Go.

(sigh) I’m done. I’d love some responses to this one.