Good to the Last Ball Drop.

Newark Airport: Don’t do it. Here’s a picture of my favorite dog ever, Sammy.

I’m back at work and recounting all the events that made up this year. I can’t remember what happened last New Year’s Eve…did I watch the ball drop? Did I get too drunk and fall asleep? I really can’t remember, and it’s a little disturbing to me.

I went shopping with Katherine yesterday, who is an absolute blast to go to the mall with. I don’t know what the deal is, considering the fact that I usually hate that atmosphere. It’s a funny thing.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

I have to be at the Newark airport at 3:30 AM to fly out to Memphis, which happens to be the closest airport to my Father’s house in Missouri. There are no trains running to Central Jersey at that point in the night, so I’m forced to park my car there for almost a week. Parking is $18 every 12 hours.

What a crock. I dislike Newark.

Anyway, going back to Missouri once
a year is nice. So much has changed since I moved out there three years ago for a re-evaluation of the direction I was headed in.

I’m tired. Extremely tired. My plan is to go home and sleep for a few hours so that I can be awake enough at 2AM to drive to EWR and catch my flight. What a pain in the ass. At least the traffic should be good.

Life has changed so much in the past 5 weeks, let alone the past 8 months. As always, the goddess I name fate is keeping me well fed with experiences I know nothing about, answering the prayer that I put to her years ago.

It begs the question–what’s going to happen in the next 5 weeks? The next 5 months? The next year? As always, all we can do is toward the days that have yet to happen with an open mind and aim our sails as best we can through the wind created from our decisions and the decisions of those we share the planet with.

Fate be with me, may I come to the next port-of-call stronger, softer, and wiser.


If you typed in “editorialjoe” in google, my page was at the top of that list for about a week. It’s not anymore, for whatever reason. What a bummer.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how to up my readership for this thing. the hope is that it gets passed around by people who get something out of what it is I’m writing, whether that means they’re getting angry or laughing a bit or any other feeling that’s compelling them to read again.

Sorry for not keeping up with the updates. I’m kind of the acting editor for MilMag now, which is both exciting and scary for a 22-year-old to conceptualize.

I’m lucky to be here, and I’m lucky to have the opportunities I have in front of me. On the other hand, I can’t do much in the way of forging my own path within the magazine. I’m getting some great experience editing and putting books together and organizing issues as they come…but it doesn’t mean I’m writing what I want to write.

I guess that’s what the blog is for.

Now that the Jan/Feb issue is going out to press, I have time to organize the next issue and get it into place before the pressure starts mounting.

I should also have time to do some more of my own writing on my blog, which I was doing pretty well until the middle of the fall.

My problem is that once I start faltering at something, I have a tendency to toss it in the garbage disposal. Screw that. I have to keep at it.

I have to get my Googlism back.

Happy Yethsmas.

And a merry fiscal year. The “Year End Traditional Holiday Season Marketing Alliance Strategy,” (Yethsmas) in in full swing.

Katherine, my beautiful, talented, bad-ass girlfriend, brought up the greatest point the other day after discovering I was right about malls being open late on Sunday as Christmas approaches…

Malls stay open late on Sunday as an added convenience to those who are doing Christmas shopping. That’s interesting. We’re catering to the commercial connection of a supposed sacred holiday. First of all, isn’t sunday the sabbath? Second of all, are presents the most important part of Christmas?

Jesus wept.

I mean, I could give a shit, being that I’m not Christian, but it seems to me that the active “Theocratic Movement” in this country isn’t all that religious after all. We’re not really fanatics, we’re just stupid hypocrites.

You people can’t even keep the first three commandments, let alone the other seven.