Lukewarm Mocha.

Which is only lukewarm because it’s been sitting on my desk for about an hour now. The other side of this is that despite it no longer being piping hot, it’s still good enough to drink. So lukewarm mocha and a pretty decent cookie I picked up at 7th Street Coffee (On Broad). This will continue into my day of planning, preparing, writing, editing, and maintaining sanity.

I’m doing well. More confident than last month, but still not comfortable.

I shouldn’t say comfortable, I guess. Should someone feel “comfortable” at their job?

Fine. I’m more confident, but still not confident enough. (Oh, but is this cookie good. A cookie delivered to me from the gods of pastry.)

With the sugar from this cookie and this mocha and the fire from creativity, may I burn brightly.


Welcome, one and all, to the blog of Joe Callan, Caretaker Editor. We’re proud to say that we’ve made it to post 75. If I had been keeping up with my blog, it would probably be 175. But I haven’t. Here’s an update for everyone that looks to my blog to talk to me since I’m really bad about answering my phone lately:

Dad: The iPod is fantastic. Now I walk everywhere with the soundtrack to my life playing in my ears. It also makes walking around the city that much more awesome. I hope everything is well, and don’t burn yourself out.

Mom: Happy Birthday to those who don’t answer their phones. I’m sending you what I promised on Friday. I haven’t forgotten you, and my communicative deliquence is only a trifling matter.

Krew: No one comes to visit. You guys know that you have nothing but time. Someone get drunk in the city with me.

Fam: Hi.

DVK: We have Ben. Soon, you too will be sucked into the black hole that is Pike County.

Joey L: Ditto for the L.

Agent_X9: Meet at dock 223, Use the F-Card in the 7th cargo container. Password is blue-five-blue-nine-purple-three. Your cases are the 4th, 6th, and 9th. If we find any others missing from our stores, we will track you with vigilence. Keep in mind that we have the list in our possession.

Agent_M3: Disregard the previous message. Your package is NOT at risk.

New Year

I haven’t posted much, and I’m not going to apologize about that.

I bought an iPod, which gave me the impetus I needed to walk to work everyday. That, and it takes my car longer to warm up than it does for me to actually walk to work. So I said screw it, avoid the traffic, avoid the gas consumption, listen to some music, and get some excercise.

Speaking of excercise, anyone who wants to get in shape who has a lot of problems trying to create a “run everyday” type schedule should get a pull-up bar. One rule: do as many as you can everytime you walk through it. This means that at best, you’re working out for less than a minute about 15 times a day–and after less than 3 months I’m seeing results. You can have fun with it too–the bar has taken me back to my jungle gym days, and I find myself swinging upside down and seeing how long I can stay suspended.

Easy fitness by Joe Callan. Maybe I’ll try to update more regularly.