Music Review — SUPERGRASS

Super? Grass?

Once upon a time, there was a kick ass lo-fi band from overseas that released an album by the name of “I Should Coco.” I was an impressionable young man at the time, and flipping through my terrible selection of Columbia house CDs, I found this gem amongst the trash I had to pick from, including the Best of Quiet Riot and The Englebert Humperdink Tribute Album.

When I got “I Should Coco” in the mail, I tore off the cellophane and popped it into my old JVC 10 disk changer. Listening to the cool, half-raspy voice and the odd conglam instrumentals, I was astonished. I had been introduced to SUPERGRASS, and they quickly became a staple in my early rocker years.

Years later, I had MTV on while I was asleep (when MTV still held some value to me,) and I woke to a very strange sight– muppet like creatures banging on muppet like instruments to a very familiar sound. Looking at the real human heads bobbing above the puppet bodies on the music video, the faces seemed familiar to me as well.
As the video concluded, in that old fashioned MTV way, I saw the band name SUPERGRASS at the bottom of the screen. The boys had done it again, 5 years later, and I ran out and bought the self-titled album as soon as I found it at the mall.

The self-title was fantastic. A little tighter than 5 years ago, but without sacrificing the lo-fi feel. SUPERGRASS dug a foxhole in my brain ever since, and I can still feel the unapologetically dirty Brit-rock pumping on my stereo.

So now, another 6 years have gone by since I last saw what Gaz and the gang were up to.

Last night, I walked from the kitchen to the bathroom, and for one reason or another, started singing “Pumping on Your Stereo” in the hallway. My SUPERGRASS neurons lit up and I climbed onto iTunes to see if I could grab the song for a buck.

To my suprise, a new album titled ROAD TO ROUEN was in the iTunes search results for SUPERGRASS. My eyes widened. Never having been burned by the strange ones before, I decided to toss in the 9 bucks for the album. Now I’m the proud owner of Supergrass’ fifth LP, Road to Rouen.

The boys have been raised wonderfully. Now over a decade away from I SHOULD COCO, SUPERGRASS has the same harsh sounds with an edge of technical certainty. The boys have grown-up their rock tendency while staying true to the grit.

If alterna-rock is one of your staples, pick up ROAD TO ROUEN, then study some grit history and grab I SHOULD COCO, IN IT FOR THE MONEY, and LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve never met a Strange One I didn’t like.


Has befallen both of my blogs. Any readers I pretend that I had have probably stopped checking for updates.

Fret not, ye few, ye forgotten, ye readers. Spring is nigh, and so begins the time of adventure–the time to seek a fortune of sights and sounds.

Lo, these updates ha’been few and mor’n a fortnight twixt they, but the worth of one is more than its bytes to drams in gold and salt.

Yea, let the updates be brought with warm weather, merrier times, and an appetite for the unknown.

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