My friend Amy inspired me to write a book about my Brother, which is where most of my free writing time has gone for the past 2 weeks.

had a post prepped that was all about my trip to the Midwest, but now I’m going to have to save it all for the book. I’ve outlined the book and drafted a first chapter (out of 14), and now all I have to do is keep plugging away at it.

The end of this summer has brought me closer to the confirmation of magic number twenty-four. Now we’re 10 months away and closing. The book should be finished by the end of the year if I’m diligent, and after I complete it maybe I’ll actually have the will power to go back and rewrite my screenplay.

The October Issue closes next week, which brings me to a year of a managing role at the magazine. It’s strange; press schedules make time fly.


The last month has been a powerful mid-summer growth spurt.

I’ve decided to stay in my cabin. I may not have this level of paradise again in a while, so I’m going to tough it out and enjoy winter in the woods.

My stepbrother passed away in a car accident in July. I went to the midwest for a week and spoke his eulogy. It was an incredibly tragic event that carried a kind of solemn beauty I’ve never experienced before.

We got an issue to press without any time extensions. I’m breaking the mold.

That catches you up from Mid-July to now.