And the Pantheist says, “Yes”

To anyone who follows a higher power: If God stood before you in a form different than the one you’ve kept in your mind, would you be able to recognize God as God?

I won’t speak for any religion, but so far as I know, only the Pantheist can truly say “yes” to this question.


The Pantheist recognizes God in all things. God is embodiment
of all structures and actions, all things living and non-living. God is the sum of the experiences of the universe. This means that in any form, the Pantheist would recognize God as God. Because the Pantheist sees God in all things, No possible form, no action or consequence, no idea could befall the Pantheist without being recognized as God.

Were the sciences to put an end to mystery (a most unlikely event) and discover that we mortals are no happenstance, but a moderately common cell amongst the tapestry of organs in a nearly infinite cosmic body; a small fragment of a macro-organism, a pattern of which we know for certain zooms both in and out infinitely–even then the Pantheist would have recognized God as God, for the “higher being” is not only omnipresent in the Pantheist’s own surrounds, but far beyond the Pantheist’s ability to perceive it. Should the sciences reveal this as the “final answer,” the Pantheist is vindicated. God exists not only as all things, but also as all things unperceived.

And if the mortalists are right, and matter (an accidental type of extremely lucky couplings of quarks and fundamental pulses bound together in such a way that they allowed for more complex and exotic particles) exists nowhere save in our universe and life (an accidental type of extremely lucky recombinant proteins that eventually “learned” to work together–not because they were patient or understanding or fearful of a loving god–but because working together was the only way things could work in order to allow a cascade effect of more complex creatures) exists nowhere save early carbonaceous planets and then disappears in a sneeze of time much too short for us to develop the technologies to travel the stars–even if we are nothing but a cosmic clock with no architect, machinist, engineer, nor custodian–even then the Pantheist wins. In recognizing God in all things internal and external, the Pantheist has come to realize that all things are connected, that the system that binds all things together is the system that allows for the very perception of what it means to exist.

This means that even in God’s most clever form: nothing–the Pantheist has recognized God as God.

Cool, huh?

From my phone

So I upgraded my phone, and now I can blog from it. Neato. I know I’m behind the curve and that this nothing special, but it’s kind of cool to me.

I want to see how well the formatting comes out when I blog from my phone.

Now I have no excuse not to be writing since I have a phone with a full keyboard and access to the internet. I can now record the written word anywhere I am.

So now all I need is an angry rant to make this device fulfill its purpose.