Bye, Facebook

*UPDATE 8/31* Yeah, that lasted long. I’m back on facebook. I’m just not going to spend time on it like I used to. Only when I actually have something to say, as oppposed to the two-dozen/day updates I was doing before…

Time to reclaim my life from the scourge of social networking sites. We’re going for the one
at a time rule now, and right now, that one is Twitter. You can find my obscene tasteless ranting there.

I finally have this running

From Joomla to WordPress. Yipee. Now I get to figure out the differences between posts and pages as opposed to the differences between articles, categories and sections. will eventually be the core collection of my portfolio and resume, but I have a long way to go in that endeavor.

Let’s set a deadline, that healthy tonic of productivity. It’s July the 1st, so I think a fair date is July 14th. In two weeks I’ll have a core portfolio and resume on the other parts of the website.