Twitter 180

Twitter is significant because of its ability to measure its users’ impulses as individuals and groups. It’s a type of EEG for the evolving meta-mind comprised by the information with which we feed our technology.

We’re growing the meta-mind. We’re feeding it our thoughts, and it feeds us in return. Because of the internet, at no time in our species’ history have we had more choices to make in our diet of information than the ones we have right now.

Like physical nutrition, our mental nutrition serves us best when it is well-balanced. We need plenty of fibrous facts, soluble and insoluble. We need the bread and seeds of ideas. We need the fruit of the arts; we need the roots, tubers, and vines of communication. It’s even good for us to sensibly indulge in the rich fats and sweets of fantasy.

The internet offers an exponentially larger information buffet than 5,000 24-hour channels of television. As we feed ourselves on this information buffet, so too do we feed each other. You influence your friends as they influence you.

A statement made three connections away is now entering your senses. Now your mind reacts as you decide on a response to the statement. It’s a matter of seconds before your observation becomes the catalyst for another’s reaction.

But yeah, I’m just rambling. The point is that Twitter is like a brain pulse for the meta-mind. Everything you’re seeing now will be more common–more integrated, more interrelated. What will it mean for individuality once we all have direct access to the sum total of human knowledge? What will it mean when we get to the point at which our senses no longer need to physically experience information in order to perceive it?

But yeah, rambling again. I’m trying to say that the greatest processing engine we can create will consist of cooperative thought, and Twitter–at its best–is as close as we’ve gotten so far.

BTW, Google, if you’d like to prove me wrong, LET ME PLAY WITH WAVE AND I WILL DECIDE FOR MYSELF.

DREAM: Assassins of Ripley County

I’ve had a few pieces of coherent dreams since my last “dream” blog post, but none were as contiguous or exciting or terrifying as this. I know the ending perfectly, but I can’t recall exactly how we got started. This is kinda violent and a little horrifying, so keep that in mind before reading on.

I believe I was behind my father’s house in Doniphan, MO with Katt. I don’t know if I saw a figure dressed in black sneaking through the shadows before all this began, but for whatever reason I knew we had to get inside, and fast. Continue reading “DREAM: Assassins of Ripley County”

It’s not About Chicago, the Left, or the Right. It’s About Rio.

Let me start out by saying I don’t care that Mr. Obama went to Copenhagen. What better ambassador for our country (and Chicago) than a state leader speaking on behalf of a city he knows intimately? I’m being sincere. I know it doesn’t happen often, but I am. Obama’s trip to Copenhagen doesn’t bother me in the least.

Personally, I thought it looked a little desperate, but I don’t think it was improper or something worth crying foul over. The conservatives who think so are the same loons we’ve been seeing on television for the last 4 months, waiting for the president to make ANY move so they can lift their heads to the sky and open their beaks to hiccup vicious and insane accusations over and over. Continue reading “It’s not About Chicago, the Left, or the Right. It’s About Rio.”

Michael Moore = Hypocritical Troll

Listening to Moore in action is simply painful.

From TIME Magazine:

TIME: But aren’t you really a model capitalist? You raise money. You hire people. You create a product and sell it to the public, bearing the risk and gaining the rewards that goes along with it.

MM: “Capitalism would have never let me be a filmmaker, living in Flint, Michigan with a high school education. I was going to have to make that happen myself.”

So let’s get this straight. If the man’s just a simp from Flint with nothing but a high school education, how is it that he turned out so well despite growing up in this horrible, avaricious nation? Continue reading “Michael Moore = Hypocritical Troll”