Electric City Suite

As you can see, the apartment isn’t done yet. We went in for a visit today, and while the new windows and floors look great, the kitchen is obviously–not quite there yet.


Something I didn’t appreciate at all until this visit: our apartment actually has windows on three sides. I think that Katt and I didn’t notice this before because of the old nearly-opaque frosted windows on one side. They were replaced (two normal windows and two with a much more translucent frosting in the bathroom), and the place looked even sunnier than our first two visits.

It gets better–I also just realized that while our apartment isn’t the top of the whole building, it IS the top floor on the side we’re on. That means the fire escape outside our bedroom window is the TOP DECK, which means–in turn–awesome skyline photo-ops!

Another good part about this unit is that it’s far away enough from street level that Scranton’s innovative-yet-insanity-brooking audible crosswalk system can be mostly unheard.

And look at that view! You can see the “Electric City” sign from anywhere in the apartment (except the W.C., of course).

We’re super excited to move in. Pike County is beautiful, but six years is enough for me. We’re pretty tired of living in a place where one has to drive thirty miles to see a movie.

Also(!) there’s like a dozen bars and three places to get sushi within walking distance.¬†And, oh my god–did I mention Wegmans? We’re going to be able to shop at Wegmans again.

Can’t wait; it’s going to be a fantastic summer!