Looking Devious

When in Rome

I feel like I should be starting a few months ago as opposed to right now, since that’s when I left my friends and family behind to go pursue this crazy shiz. So I’m writing for a magazine. It makes sense to me, but it might not make any sense to anyone who hasn’t seen or spoken to me in a few years.

Let me catch you up if that’s the case.

Graduation, Home, Los Angeles, Home, Some College, Home, Missouri, Home, Winery, Editor.

I’m near the Delaware River in a place called Milford Pennsylvania. I work for Milford Magazine. I started this because my friend eli has a blog, and it seemed like a good idea, and eli is really smart.

So here’s the deal.

I’ve got a job doing what I love, and I have two articles due in the morning which I should be working on instead of hammering out this blog. That’s okay though, because I’m a master and one of my articles is about trees. Yes, trees. Nothing too touchy or biting.

In the meantime, I need to get a digital camera so you can so my beautiful face.

I’m going to do another post about my Monday adventure into the city, but priorities are kind of calling me to start doing some writing I’ll actually get paid for.